Smile Makeovers

Coulsdon Dental Clinic has expert cosmetic dentists who are aptly skilled to deliver a truly exceptional smile makeover.

We use a combination of dental treatments to improve oral health and enhance the overall appearance of a smile. We offer a complimentary consultation for a ‘Smile Makeover’ at our practice in Coulsdon. ​

A simple smile makeover might be a combination of cosmetic fillings, teeth whitening and composite bonding. A complex smile makeover may include a broader range of treatments such as orthodontics, dental implants or veneers. ​

The virtue of a smile makeover is that you as a patient choose the concerns that are important to you. We give you professional advice and recommendations. It’s truly bespoke to your needs! ​

A lot of our patients now ask for anti-wrinkle treatments to complete a full smile makeover. ​

woman with smile makeover

Our smile makeovers include:

Stain Removal

Our hygienist spends 30 minutes removing surface stains that can get accumulated from drinking tea, coffee, wine or smoking.

Teeth Whitening

We offer you a choice of home whitening or laser whitening. Laser whitening is ideal for when you want instant results. This treatment is carried out in surgery, giving you same day whitening results.

Composite Bonding

Perfect for minor imperfections in teeth such as chips, gaps, yellow teeth and asymmetrical edges.

Our smile makeover packages are designed to offer the most ethical and patient-centric dentistry. We understand that you may need additional treatments, so we have kept the choices very flexible.

We favour Invisalign® as a teeth straightening option, Philips laser teeth whitening and composite bonding for our smile makeovers. A combination of these three cosmetic dental treatments works wonders. Any additional requirements such as anti wrinkle treatments or cosmetic fillings are discussed during the initial consultation.

Platinum Package


  • Stain removal – 60 minutes
  • Same day laser teeth whitening
  • Dental contouring/Composite bonding – 6 Teeth

Premium Package


  • Stain removal – 60 minutes
  • Same day laser teeth whitening
  • Dental contouring/Composite bonding – 4 Teeth

Lifestyle Package


  • Stain removal – 60 minutes
  • Same day laser teeth whitening
  • Dental contouring/Composite bonding – 2 Teeth


“A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.” 

If you are self conscious about your teeth and find yourself hiding your smile in pictures, then a smile makeover is something to consider. Statistics from BACD (British Cadement of Cosmetic Dentists) state that 32% of us are unsure of our teeth, and 20% regularly hide our teeth in photos. Stats aside, our patients frequently ask us how they can improve their smiles, and we always start by asking “What don’t you like about your smile?” This simple question is the first step in a makeover journey.

Our ethos of putting oral health ahead of cosmetic gains is the cornerstone of everything that we do. With our smile packages, we never endorse irreversible procedures such as veneers. From our experience, if correct techniques and the right treatment plan such as cosmetic fillings or composite fillings are used, then there is no need for expensive and invasive treatments.

It all starts with a consultation, where we understand your needs and expectations from the treatment. A thorough check-up with x-rays is conducted to present our findings, and a bespoke treatment plan is prepared.

You can book a consultation with Dr Raman Sandhu who will conduct the assessment and prepare a treatment plan for you.

Depending on the complexity and the treatments required, below is an indicative timeline. Teeth straightening with Invisalign® takes 6-18 months Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening – same day (up to 2 hours) Cosmetic fillings – same day Composite bonding: same day

Interested in this treatment?

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