Missing teeth can make you appear older than your age, because they create gaps in your smile and can cause your cheeks to sag. But they also make chewing and talking much more difficult.

Dentures can fix this, by replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a full arch with a removable replacement.


Modern day dentures can be made to look just like your old teeth and are much more comfortable than they used to be.


Fix a broken smile with our comfortable dentures.


Why you might need dentures

Dentures replace missing teeth and there are several causes for losing teeth:

  • Periodontal disease, an advanced form of gum disease

  • Decay, also called a cavity or dental caries

  • Trauma, such as losing a tooth/teeth through a hard knock or accident


The benefits of dentures

The main benefit of using dentures to replace missing teeth is that they are a cheaper alternative to bridges and implants. But they have the following benefits too:

  • Dentures improve your appearance and therefore your confidence

  • They prevent your existing, healthy teeth from moving

  • They make chewing and talking easier

  • They usually require no surgery or invasive procedures


We use the latest Valplast dentures

The latest Valplast dentures are made of a flexible acrylic that makes them the most comfortable and easy to maintain option on the market. With the absence of any metal frame and using super-thin, but ultra-strong materials, there is no bulky feeling and they blend in much better with your gums. And because they are so flexible, they move more naturally during talking and chewing than traditional dentures ever could. In the manufacturer’s own words, Valplast dentures give you something to smile about.

Valplast dentures are mainly used as partial dentures, replacing several teeth but not a full arch. For full dentures, Coulsdon Dental Clinic can use standard acrylic and chrome alternatives.

The dentures procedure

Providing you with dentures can usually be done over two appointments and in most cases it involves no invasive treatment.

Appointment 1:

We thoroughly examine your mouth to see if it is suitable. At this time we may find we need to extract some teeth or treat gum disease first.

Appointment 2:

When your mouth is ready, we take a mould of your teeth using a special dental putty and use this to make your new dentures. (sent to a specialised dental lab).

When your new dentures are ready, we’ll make sure they’re a good fit and your smile is restored!


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If you’d like to replace your missing teeth without breaking the bank, get in touch about dentures at Coulsdon Dental Clinic.





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