Emergency tooth extraction

Teeth are an integral part of the human anatomy and can generally last a lifetime with the right care and hygiene. However, sometimes the damage/infection may be so severe that the only option is to remove the tooth. ​

This often means concern for patients due to a gap in teeth, difficulty in chewing or difficulty in speech. We understand it is a traumatic experience to have a tooth removed, that’s why before any extraction our dentist will discuss all options and take a detailed medical history, along with a list of your medications and allergies. ​

Our dentists will present various treatment options and explain the tooth removal procedure in detail and advise you how to prepare for the appointment.

woman with toothache


Our dentists are highly trained and will ensure that tooth extraction is as smooth as possible. The procedure takes place under a local anaesthetic, which are very effective. You won’t feel any pain, however will feel a little pressure as the dentist removes the tooth. For our nervous patients, we also offer tooth extraction under sedation so please feel free to ask our team to arrange a seditionist for you.
Once the tooth is extracted, your dentist will dress your gums to stop bleeding. It generally lasts a few minutes and you are able to resume light activities straight away after the procedure. Our dentist will give you detailed post-operation guidelines and may also prescribe pain killers. In some cases, the dentist may book you for a review appointment to ensure a speedy and complication free healing.

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