Dental implants at our Coulsdon practice will give you a long-lasting and confident smile!

Have you suffered from tooth loss? Whether it’s through decay, gum disease or trauma, our dental implants here at Coulsdon could pave your way to a bright new smile!


Dental implants are much more secure than dentures, so happy smiles! Teeth that pop out while you talk or chew are finally a thing of the past! The lab where teeth implants are prepared means the crowns on our dental implants can be colour-matched to your own teeth, so there’s no telling real and artificial teeth apart, they look as natural as your real teeth!

For the very best in teeth implants in Surrey look no further!

How we provide the best dental implants Surrey has to offer

We’re lucky to have a in house implantoligist at our practice with access to top-of-the-range equipment and computer software, meaning you are in safe hands if you require our teeth implant services.

We can match your ceramic crowns perfectly with your natural teeth, so even you can’t tell them apart.


Professional teeth implants are a highly skilled and specialist service at our clinic are some of the very best!

In fact, our Coulsdon-based dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry services aren’t just effective; they are top class.

Our dental implants Coulsdon service uses only the best teeth implants

We use world renowned Ankylos implant system (by Densply) at our practice, which has a 5-year warranty*, so you can be safe in the knowledge that, if you should require our teeth implant services, your teeth will be looking great for quite some time! With an extensive range of dental implants, including different dimensions and abutment connections, we can tailor your teeth implants to achieve a very secure fit.

How our dental implants Coulsdon service works

Before we start on your dental implants treatment, you’ll need an appointment at our clinic where one of our implantologists will carry out a health assessment of your teeth and gums to detect whether any gum disease or dental cavities need to be treated.


  • We’ll assess your bone quality and the general area of the tooth/teeth replacement.

  • We'll arrange a full-mouth X-ray (OPG) or 3d digital scan (CT scan) of the surrounding bone at a nearby referral centre.

  • Under local anaesthetic, we’ll then place the titanium dental implant into a pre-drilled hole.

  • After closing up the gum again, we’ll leave the area to heal for 8-12 weeks. We sometimes place a temporary denture, crown or bridge during this healing period.

  • During this time the implant will integrate with your jawbone.

  • After that, impressions are taken and a custom-made definite crown is created and fitted.


*warranty is subjected to non-smokers, prescribed recall and hygiene appointments.



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