SMile in a day implants

All-on-4™ dental implants - get your smile back again in as little as one day!

Here at Coulsdon Dental Clinic, we now offer All-on-4™ Dental Implants, also known as Smile in a Day.

It is a ground-breaking dental implants technique capable of replacing the whole arch with just 4 implants, saving you up to 60% compared to the more conventional method of full mouth implants.

We still offer other techniques where required, but All-on-4™ dental implants is almost our preference as it is less expensive for patients and requires a less invasive procedure. It is also more convenient for patients as they can walk away with implants in a single day.

Particularly suited to people with existing dentures, and those considering replacing the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, this treatment type is designed for delivery in a single day. This treatment can bypass the need for bone grafting, so do check for a second opinion if you were not a suitable implant candidate in the past.

What draws people to All-on-4’s dental implants is its ability to replace dentures or gaps in the mouth, along with saving time and money. 

We restore your mouth with as little as 4 implants and place a set of new bridge/denture, in one sitting. It works for all scenarios whether it’s a single tooth, multiple teeth, replacing partial or full dentures. 

What are the steps involved in All-on-4™ or Smile in a Day?

An implant consultation at our practice in Coulsdon will last about 30 minutes. We conduct a thorough assessment of your dental problems, take x-rays and present the best treatment option suited to your needs. 

We discuss your specific needs and present you with different treatment options. By the end of the consultation, you will have a clear idea of different options available to you, pros & cons as well as a detailed treatment plan with fee breakdown. It also gives us a chance to understand timelines as you may want to finish the treatment in time for an upcoming social event or holiday.

Treatment Day

On the treatment day, we place the implants in the jaw and provide you with pre-made teeth in the form of a denture or a bridge. You can walk away with newly fitted semi-permanent teeth on the same day. All treatments are under local anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain. For nervous patients, we can also perform the surgery under sedation.

  • ‘Instant’ replacement for missing teeth

  • Durable and aesthetic solution

  • Decrease of oral discomfort due to a single procedure

  • Reduced number of treatment stages and faster healing process

  • Looks, feels and functions like a real tooth


As the implant heals and the implant fuses to the bone, we can continue your treatment. During this session, we will expose, or uncover the implant and place a new cover into the top of the implant. This allows us to access the top of the implant, and to encourage the gum to heal around it in a favorable position. This is a simple procedure under local anesthetic and has minimal recovery time.

Following this stage, we can then take an impression, or model of the top of the implant and surrounding teeth and gums. We also take the shade of your teeth to ensure the best possible match to your existing teeth. During this appointment, you can also request the shape of the teeth so we can curate the artificial tooth as natural and beautiful as possible.

Can everyone benefit from the same day teeth technique?

This treatment is for people who are looking to replace one or more missing teeth – those who have a busy lifestyle and dislike the idea of wearing dentures.Most people qualify for this treatment as it requires a lesser number of implants.

How many implants will I need?

As the name suggests, the false teeth for the whole jaw are supported by 4 implants. In some cases, it may require six implants; however, that is dependent on individual circumstances.

Are they removable?

These are irremovable teeth providing you with the optimal fit, no gum sores or need for denture adhesives or restrictions on the foods that you can eat.

How much does it cost?

From the many cases that we have treated, for a single jaw, we anticipate costs around £11,000 including x-rays, scans, implants and the bridge. Remember, this is the average price, so dependent on your requirements, it could be lower or higher. We also offer 0% Finance and payment plans for this treatment.

If you are looking for smile in a Day implants, give our friendly team a call on 0208 660 3308, email us at or send us a message below.

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